Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Cattus Noster qui loquas ex cathedra...

Harinotbaldus XII est nomen tuum."

Our cat Harry, top-dog bridge-builder (Pontifex Maximus) of the Indoor Catlick Church, has a new acolyte. He is celebrated and discussed in this thread at

Habemus papam, atque papa asinum tenet

Haruo aka Leland

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Fremont Baptist Church (Seattle)'s new webpages

I've been delegated the responsibility for coming up with a new website for our church. What I have done so far is at Fremont Baptist Church. Please note that this was all done with by-hand HTML entered in Telnet. It is not meant to be flashy, but merely to communicate the basic facts of our existence, location, and activities. The glitz will have to wait until we have a more expeditious interface.

Haruo aka Leland

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