Friday, November 10, 2006

Welcome to my angloblog

Hi, my name's Leland Bryant Ross, but in many contexts I go by Ros' Haruo (Haruo being the given name there; it's in Japanese order). I'm a 52-year-old [note to self:update annually March 29] Seattle native and resident; a Baptist lay hymnnut of the AWAB persuasion; a non-coercively inclined socialist; a 22-years-dry [note to self:update annually Sept 1] alcoholic; a long-time fluent speaker of Esperanto and active member of the Seattle Esperanto Society; married three years [NTS:UDA Aug] to a girl I met in ninth-grade Russian class; a Wikipedian (mainly in Esperanto); a Yale dropout (JE class of '76); supervisor of a phone center that mainly collects health-survey responses for the WA and OR state health departments and the CDC (BRFSS). I already have four blogs, but three of them are in Esperanto and the fourth is narrowly focused on Christmas carols, so I decided to set this one up to accommodate my other language and give expression to the other facets of my multi-faceted life and thinking. Welcome to my angloblog!

Haruo aka Leland


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